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Entry #2


2008-04-14 15:54:39 by Keramazotti

yes I am working on The Lost Gift...


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2008-04-14 18:06:15

your work is quite professional! still, I wonder why people give you bad votes...makes me sad =(

Keramazotti responds:

I dont mind them thank you tho


2008-04-14 21:40:04

hey could you tell me what song did u use on the lost gift trailer?? I would really aprecciate it :), by the way, the trailer is AMAZING, u've got mad skillz with flash, I can't wait to see the episodes =D


2008-04-15 09:27:20

you graduate form an animation school? yeah from what i seen on newgrounds your is one of the best just in newgrounds... but have you got like real work as in you have your personal art work if so i would love to see them im going in to animation next year (its a 4 year program) so it would be awsome if you can send me some art work.


2008-04-16 00:50:16

May luck shine upon ye with your work all thy hope is blessed upon ye, may it do good for thyself in the time to come. Its not easy speakin fancy


2008-04-16 19:27:01

could you please pm about the 15 min clip?


2008-04-17 07:48:25

Turk , lost gift super olmus bana lutfen bir PM bitince :)


2008-06-01 21:02:50



2008-06-02 18:07:34

Good, plain and simple. If you are worried about the size problem here on newgrounds, contact Tom Fulp or one of his trusted men (lawl) and ask them to remove the restriction on the size. They have done it before, and for something of this quality, I am sure they will do again.

Awaiting your next one!



2010-10-29 19:06:34

guzel :D